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GST has 36 tutors, highly qualified theologians with a good mix of experience in Christian ministry and academia. Aware of the essential need for good quality and reliable communication, they provide students with skilled guidance and encouragement. The global approach of GST/NWU is reflected in the location of these tutors, who are recruited from many parts of the world yet due to the ease of modern communication, can be in immediate contact.  To find out more about the qualifications, training, research interests and published work of GST tutors, please click on their name:


Australia                                        Latvia                                       Norway

Dr Kathleen Rochester                                  Dr Ester Petrenko                              Dr Morten Bosterud

Dr Stuart Rochester                                       Dr Vitali Petrenko                              Dr Ragnhild Gilbrant


Canada                                          South Africa                             Ghana

Dr Ronald Galloway                                       Prof Flip Buys                                    Dr Jacob Ayeebo

Prof Irving Hexham                                        Prof Raymond Potgieter       

Prof Frank Kovács                                          Prof Koos Vorster


United Kingdom                           Scotland                                    Zambia

Prof Byron Evans                                            Dr Neil Allison                                 Dr Andriano Chalwe

Dr Lee Longden

Prof Joseph O’Hanlon

Prof Benjamin Rees

Prof Paul Wells                                          



Prof Robin Branch                                            Dr Terry Curtis

Dr Edward Dalcour                                           Dr Martin Davis

Prof Jonathan Friedmann                                 Prof Daniël Lioy

Dr Norman Mathers                                          Dr Hyo Shick Pai

Prof Aleksandar Santrac                                   Dr Dragoslava Santrac