News from Stuart and Kathleen Rochester, February 2017 – Bangalore, India

With a lot of difficult experiences, the lush green of Kerala made up for it.  Kerala normally has plenty of water, but because of a recent drought the water often went off at unexpected times for hours, or most of consecutive days. If the water came on for a short time we washed ourselves, some clothes and the dishes and filled up the bucket to be ready for another wash. Several times the water, electricity and internet were all off for hours at the same time.

Stuart taught on the book of James in the New Testament and Kathleen taught on both Jeremiah and Ezekiel in the Old Testament. The daily morning Chapel services (in which we each preached) and our classes occupied the mornings, with some additional classes in the evenings. In that climate, the afternoons are really too hot for regular teaching. But afternoons were used for video-recording a half hour devotional teaching each for online students in other places, meeting with small groups of students, preparation, for Kathleen teaching a special Homiletics class and attending some other meetings.



While we were in Kerala, we were invited to attend and speak at a Pastors’ Meeting in the Tiruvalla area, not too far from where we were staying. This invitation came through an Indian man we know in Tasmania; his father is the principal of another college and is much engaged in helping new churches to develop. It was a delight to meet his father and others at the meeting. Stuart gave a brief greeting and Kathleen preached, with this man translating. The people very warmly received us and what
we shared.