“Within the Faculty of Theology of NWU and GST, the study of the Christian religion and other religions is possible.”


We offer the following at a distance learning research Masters and Doctoral Theology degrees, accredited and conferred by North-West University, South Africa


Advantages of at a distance learning through GST

Enrol now for a distance research Theology degree from Greenwich School of Theology UK in co-operation with North-West University. The advantages of distance learning theology degrees earned with Greenwich School of Theology are as follows.

  • The degrees are fully accredited.
  • Fees are reasonable with flexible payment terms available.
  • Each GST student has the support and guidance of two nominated and experienced tutors throughout the research degree programme. Furthermore, there is no requirement to attend any lectures or to sit any single day examinations.
  • Most importantly, you can become a student wherever you live and still keep in touch. Contact is maintained effectively by e-mail and/or Skype.

In addition, you can study in your own time, managing your own work schedule and maintaining submissions of work by agreement with your tutors.

If you are interested in studying for a Doctoral  or Master’s degree in Theology , then Greenwich School of Theology is the right place for you!