GST/NWU Convocation 2016:

The bi-annual Convocation – since 2000 – took place on the 3rd November in London. It was as usual a joint event of the NWU and GST where PhD-degrees were presented to those students who have graduated through GST at the NWU and where the graduates were acknowledged and congratulated with their achievements. Read more

GST/NWU Convocation 2014

South Africa House never fails to impress those who attend NWU/GST biennial convocations, whether as graduates, tutors or special guests. Within, the visitor is met with a vista of marble pillars, lavishly panelled walls and huge chandeliers. The convocation ceremony is held in the Kinema, the carved panels of which draw many admiring comments, as does the splendid Cape Room with its views of Trafalgar Square, bathed in sunlight on this special day: the 9th ofOctober 2014. Read more

The Dinner

This generous comment was one of several received in the days following the special events of the 9th of October 2014 and confirmed for the Dean and his colleagues that arranging the formal dinner for the evening of the convocation, rather than for the preceding evening, was a good decision. Read more. . . The Dinner



GST/NWU Convocation 2012

Please follow the following link to read more about the 2012 Convocation and the graduates.
Please visit this youtube link as well which is a video recording of the previous convocation proceedings in 2012