Within the Faculty of Theology of NWU and GST the study of the Christian religion and other religions is possible.

  • Contact us for more information for a Research Theology Degree conferred by the North-West University.
  • All Theology Degrees are delivered through distance learning and do not require attendance at any lectures.
  • Application may be received by GST at any time during the year, though please note that registration with NWU will be completed by GST in July of each year.
  • A candidate for admission to a degree programme of the school should first read the Prospectus, especially the description of the courses available and the entry requirements.
  • Masters and Doctoral students have the support and guidance of experienced Tutors.

Documents required at the time of application/registration

When returning the NWU full Application Form (AF), please send electronic copies of all transcripts for existing degrees. Also confirm that an existing Master’s is a research degree. This information is essential to the NWU Research Director as he decides on the appropriate degree programme to be offered.

The following documents are required to complete the application process:

  • NWU Application Form (AF) (download)
  • certified copies of the transcripts with validating signatures and seals;
  • a certified copy of your ID, birth certificate or passport;
  • a certified copy passport size photo; a passport sized photo; and
  • the Registration Fee of £260 or equivalent

If paying through PayPal this process will incur a small charge, which will be added to your student account. When paying through PayPal, please use the following e-mail address:

  • Please note that it is wise to pay the registration fee only after you have been accepted as a student at GST



An accredited tutor will be appointed by GST/NWU and will work at a distance with the individual student. During preparation of the Research Proposal (RP) for formal submission to NWU, each student preparing for a Master’s or Doctoral submission will also be supported by a professor of the Faculty of Theology, NWU. Recently, we have found the use of e-mail with the ‘attachment’ facility and skype enable students and tutors to keep in close contact. All communications are ‘copied’ to the Liaison Administrators, UK and SA.


Registered students enjoy full support from NWU online library. This includes access to Chapters and Articles as well as practical assistance and advice from the librarian. The library offers free checking of the first two pages of a student’s bibliography (Reference list) in order to ensure correct usage of the Harvard method.

Graduation/ Convocation

All qualifications will be conferred by the NWU at the usual graduation ceremonies in South Africa. The presentation of such conferred qualifications may also include an additional biennial Convocation in the United Kingdom, at a suitable venue, on a date and time as agreed, as a joint event of GST and the NWU.

Minimum Period of Registration

The normal period allowed for completion of each degree programme is provided in the GST prospectus. An option exists to extend the normal period, but each additional year must be applied for separately. Any student needing such an extension must first submit a request to the Liaison Administrator including details of the proposed re-arranged programme of study.

Academic Probation and Disqualification

Tutors are required to provide periodic reports on student progress. A student whose work proves to be unsatisfactory will be required to re-submit the work, or to consider withdrawing from the study programme.

All work accepted for the degree must be approved by the student’s tutors, who will demand the highest possible quality in the submitted work.