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News from Stuart and Kathleen Rochester

Dear friends and family,

We are getting ready to return to Bangalore, India, for a month’s intensive teaching at SAIACS, where we have been three times before. We arrive 4th March and leave on 4 th April, just after Graduation. We know the place, the routine of college life, and our teaching colleagues. But there will inevitably be many new things for us to discover and learn, and, of course, new students to get to know! And it would be great to have a season at SAIACS without sickness or injury!


Kathleen and Stuart with some of last year’s students

We are now in Sydney for a week staying with Kathleen’s mother on our way to India. This is our second trip to Sydney in a month, as we came here earlier to be with Mum when she needed surgery on her face to remove an aggressive skin cancer close to her eye, followed by plastic surgery. Considering that Mum is 92 she is recovering pretty well and is able to look after herself at home, but complete.
Kathleen and Stuart with some of last year’s students
While we have been home we have done some writing for our books and are gradually making progress, but have also had times when other things had to take precedence. We really do need to be able to give more concentrated time to these projects this year. This year we expect to be home again for most of April, May and June and then away for 5 months in the second half of the year, teaching in Sabah, Latvia and Ukraine as well as attending a conference and having some library time at Tyndale House, Cambridge.


As we once again travel, we would appreciate your prayers for safety, health, finding of suitable foods, adjustment to the hot climate, and that we might be able to be effective in the work and relationships we are given to engage in.


Thank you once again for your friendship, your love and your prayers. May God bless you! Stuart and Kathleen

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