John Norwood

It had been over two decades of serving in pastoral ministry and raising a family since I graduated from seminary in the USA. I knew that pursuing a PhD was a part of being faithful to the calling the Lord had placed upon my life, but the demands of ministry prevented me from full-time residential study.

All through those years, as time allowed, I continued to study and strive to maintain my academic discipline, but finding an accredited Doctor of Philosophy program that would not conflict with the demands of my ministry duties and constraints of my limited budget seemed to be impossible. Then I learned about Greenwich School of Theology and its partnership with North-West University. It was an answer to my prayers. With accreditation in both the United Kingdom and South Africa, the GST/NWU program of study provided the quality degree I sought, had the flexibility I needed, and was within reach of my budget.

Tienie Buys and Peg Evans were among the most professional and personable administrators with whom I had ever worked. They were always swift to respond to my questions and provided firm coaching and compassionate support.

My promotors, Professor Ron Galloway and Professor P. J. Buys, provided critical guidance and ensured the necessary rigor in the process of researching and writing my dissertation. They brought the best out of me and I always felt they were praying with me through my academic journey.

My English editor, Dr. Stuart Rochester, walked me through the final “polishing” of my work with care and encouragement. 241 pages (plus 27 pages of references) later, I received approval from the board of examiners. I am grateful to the Lord for the GST/NWU team and am eager to serve him all the more through the opportunities the Lord shall open with this new credential..

J. R. Norwood
PhD (Missiology) Graduating October 2015

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